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Machine Embroidery- Learning in action.

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home while feeling part of a community. Be inspired with new and fun techniques and lots of tips and education. 


What is the content of September 2021 Club month?

Spark your creativity with our Hoop Fun Club

One thing 2020 has taught us; what we were used to, can change overnight! True to our creative nature as embroiderers, we will always find alternatives that will protect and promote and  enhance the exclusivity of our beloved craft. 

As educators in the home embroidery industry, Zandra and Mila from the Embroidershoppe devised a passionate solution that would put you, the embroiderer in the same, if not a better, position than under the old dispensation. 

Instead of having to look for training for yourself by traveling back and forth, (which of course is also nice), we bring your training to your study in the comfort of your home .

You therefore receive training on a one to one basis. You are no longer sitting in the back of the class; no! you are sitting right in front where you can see the finest details and can ask questions. Yes and of course you can invite a good friend over. Best of all still, is that tonight when you feel like it, you can watch the lesson again and again while your tutor keeps you company.

Hoop Fun Club Explained

✄ Let us teach you some tips and techniques on machine embroidery while you are having fun creating a new and different type of projects! We want you to be successful in machine embroidery and will keep your creativity sparked.

✄ Each month you will get an exclusive project with full instructions, patterns, and informative videos showing you how to make the project and more. 

✄ You will also receive special exclusive design packs in different techniques and styles.

✄ Every monthly project has been specially designed for the club by us and will feature favorite subjects that we know you will love, to make for yourself your family and friends

✄ Every month there will be an online webinar where Zandra and Mila will be your hosts, answering questions and have lots of fun and competition time !, We can talk about variations on that month’s projects, and you can share your ideas and your creations with us and the other members of the club. You can also share your designs with the Hoop Fun Club Community Group!

✄ We can't wait for you to join us at our Hoop Fun Club, where you can see us at work and learn our embroidery secrets. We love our work and we want you to see what you can do to make your sewing space a haven for your creativity.

We are passionate about Machine Embroidery! Join our Hoop Fun Club and be part of a community of people that inspire each other and have fun while learning new techniques.

We want you to be successful! 



Why Should You Join our Hoop Fun Club?

One on One Coaching

Learn at your own pace and time . You will have access to the videos to watch it as many times as you like.  Our videos are step by step and will teach you how to do anything with ease no matter what your skill level is. 

Be Part of a Community

You will have your own circle of friends sharing the love and passion for machine embroidery. Inside the community you can ask questions. Share ideas and photos. You will feel connected . We are sewing together while we need to sew apart :)

Collect Exclusive Projects and Designs

We will offer an  incredible variety of designs and machine embroidery techniques including appliqué, quilting, 3D Embroidery, cutwork, organza technique and  many more.


You will build your library of projects and designs with the most beautiful designer collections.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to become part of our Hoop Fun Club Community !




Billed Monthly

  • Monthly Project with Embroidery Files and Instructions.
  • Exclusive Design Pack
  • Quilt Related Design Collectibles.
  • Instructional Videos
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Community Site

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Billed Annually

  • Monthly Project with Embroidery Files and Instructions.
  • Exclusive Design Pack
  • Quilt Related Design Collectibles.
  • Instructional Videos
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Community Site
  • BONUS BUNDLE IN JULY worth $300


We are the Embroidershoppe family- Zandra, Mila, Mom Almarine; Dad Johan.

For the last 12 years, we climbed the stairs, beginning in South Africa to the landing in the USA, where we are standing now. The whole team is passionate about embroidery and every aspect of the craft, designing, digitizing ,test stitching, marketing photography, and videography is done in house. Quite a lot by a little!!

Our philosophy is "go see the people" It essentially means taking what you have to the people. With everything now changing everywhere, our motto still remains "go see the people". This is exactly what we do. We bring what we have to offer, virtually, into your home! We understand the needs of people, people like us, and it gives satisfaction to share with everyone, what enriches our lives. Zandra slaps the whip to keep the wagon on track while, Mila is the entertaining digitizer, Mom's painful quality control keeps everyone humble! And Dad? Well, he is also in the mix.


We promise to deliver the content as outlined in the description. Should you feel to cancel your membership for any reason, please contact us at [email protected]

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